Deal Structuring

Vangard’s strongest skill set is its ability to identify, procure, structure and package investment opportunities. Vangard makes investments that may be wholly-owned or part of a joint-venture structure.

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Investment Strategies

Vangard seeks to maximize its return, whether it be from a capital or value-add stand point. Vangard makes equity real estate investments in the form of preferred equity, short-term debt, long term debt, and mezzanine debt. Vangard offers fund investment opportunities offered to procure, acquire or develop real estate assets.

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Equity Structuring

Vangard is an expert in utilizing atypical resources to bring the highest net value to deals. Vangard utilizes a combination of New Market tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Tax Incremental Financing, Disaster Relief Bonds, Tax Exempt Bonds, Neighborhood Stabilization Program and conventional financing.

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Vangard has significant skill in matters involving land use planning, zoning processes, site control, site assembly, acquisition, easements, and government relations.

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Vangard’s corporate mission is simple. Vangard aggressively strives to change and enhance the lives of people. Vangard accomplishes this through disciplined community reinvestment and redevelopment.  Vangard believes that by changing and enhancing the lives of people we subsequently change and enhance the world as a whole. Vangard is the premier leader in the investment and development of urban, distressed, and emerging communities around the globe.

Vangard understands that many of the social problems that exist more heavily in stressed communities, such as high crime, low graduation results, and the lack of family-sustaining employment, are a direct result of insufficient housing, work, and retail options. Whether it be issues of childhood obesity, adult diabetes, or higher-than-average teenage pregnancy rates, these issues are better addressed when proper education is conducted in tandem with a thoughtful mind focused on the design of how people live, work, and play in these communities.

A society that is prudent in the placement of affordable housing, fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, schools, transit lines, and medical providers is a society that will achieve the overall success of maximizing the full potential of individuals that reside in the communities in which we are all a part of. Vangard seeks to align itself with and gather the support from investors that understand the need to be a part of change, individuals that understand that we have an obligation to turn back and pull up others that in turn will someday do the same. Vangard works closely with local governments and community partners. We believe this is the best way to leverage the resources of both, the public and private sector.


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